Multimodal Registration

Mayachitra has pioneered robust image-to-image registration and geo-registration methods with sub-centimeter geo-registration accuracy. This proprietary software has been licensed to users in remote sensing (e.g., forest surveillance, precision agriculture industry) and in security/surveillance applications.

Video Registration

Mayachitra, Inc. has developed a video registration technology to obtain robust and accurate registration of video frames for situational awareness

Maychitra's registration technology has mitigated the effects of error accumulation in long video sequences, as illustrated below on registering sample video frames, acquired during a helicopter flyover an urban area.

Mayachitra's Video registration WITHOUT global refinement step.

Registration error accumulates frame after frame and the last part of the mosaic looks visibly distorted, pay attention to the edges of the road diverge towards the end of the mosaic.

Mayachitra's Video registration WITH global refinement step.

The effect of error accumulation is greatly reduced and the frames are accurately warped for the entire duration of the video stream (note how the edges of the main road remain parallel for the entire length of the video).

Mayachitra's registration technology relies solely on the content of the video, and it does not require input from expensive GPS or IMUs.

Image GIS Registration

Mayachitra's geo-registration capability creates seamless geo-referenced panoramas, as it is able to utilize a set of ground control points provided by the image analyst to bootstrap the georeferencing process.

Mayachitra Inc. has developed technology to quickly create an accurate georeferenced map using the latest images taken from airborne platform. We incorporates new and powerful georegistration capabilities to create seamless georeferenced panoramas, and the newly registered images will inherit the latitude and longitude information from the reference images. There is no need for ground control points. If the images are not georeferenced, our technology is able to utilize a set of ground control points provided by the image analyst to bootstrap the georeferencing process. In both cases the final results is the same: a seamless, accurate, and georeferenced panorama that can be imported by all the most popular GIS software suites. Try out AIPR LITE-1 an Image registration software developed by Mayachitra


Seamless (non georeferenced) panorama from 617 frames of the videos taken over Fort A.P. Hill, VA

Georeferenced panorama which utilizes the ground control points provided by the analyst for 3 video frames to geo-register remaining 614 frames from a video clip to the referenced image.

Multimodal Registration

The team is currently working on extending the methods for multi-modal data, including IR to EO imagery, and EO to SAR data, for various defense applications.