Cyber Security

Mayachitra is developing advanced cybersecurity tools using deep learning and pattern recognition methods.

Image and Video Forensics

Mayachitra team is developing state-of-the-art methods for media forensics (supported by the DARPA MediFOR program, and in collaboration with researchers at the China Lake Air Warfare Research Center and the University of California, Riverside). The developed methods will be able to differentiate between manipulated and un-manipulated images, and localize the manipulated regions. These methods leverage recent advances in deep learning for image analysis with the team’s expertise in image processing, segmentation and classification.

New approaches for Malware Detection and Classification

Researchers at Mayachitra are pioneering new ways of detecting and classifying computer malware. A new malware detection/classification system, called MalSee, will be deployed as web-accessible service. Mayachitra’s unique technology empowers robust and fast detection of harmful computer viruses, offering 1000x speedup compared to existing methods. Mayachitra’s solution leverages on ideas from signal processing, pattern recognition, and deep learning. This project is supported by a Phase II Navy SBIR funding.

At Mayachitra, we are developing algorithms to detect malware based on Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition.